How to check and replace the SD card on your pandoras box arcade

The Pandora's box uses a TF/ micro SD card located within the console casing.

This card has a number of partitions and in most cases stores the encrypted games. Depending on your Pandora version it may include the operating system as well.

If your console is experiencing issues loading up, it may be that your card needs to be re-seated or replaced, here is a quick guide;

Prior to commencing ensure all cables including power and HDMI have been disconnected from the device and that your hands are clean, dry and moisture free.

With the dual split case consoles the player one unit shown below houses the main motherboard and TF/ micro SD card.

The case can be opened by flipping it upside down to expose the screws located towards the lower front. Keep in mind how and where the joystick(s) sit and lean when the unit is upside down as to not damage them. Remove the screws at the front using a phillips head screw driver and place them somewhere safe.

Before opening the case, while the chances are minimal, try to not touch the actual board itself as you want to avoid static electricity from your body causing any damage.

While you can search the web, put simply you can remove built up static from your body by touching steel and reduce build up by not rubbing/dragging your feet on carpet.

There are two types of card slots being hinge or push. The push type has a dob of glue, which you can use your finger nail to pick off slowly. Do not use steel utensils that could slip and damage the device. Gentle and slow is the key here.


The hinge card slot has tape placed over it, which can be peeled off. With the adhesive removed, the slot tray can be held with your finger and slid backwards.
It can then be lifted as it is rear hinged and the micro SD card lifted out.



With the push type, once the glue has become lose and removed from the metal surface by using your fingernail, it will easily come off from the card as well.


You can then push the card inwards that will activate the quick release freeing it to be easily yet carefully pulled out. Keep in mind the cards contact points underneath as you want to avoid scratching/ damaging the card during removal/insertion.


Once removed the cards contact points can be wiped on your pants, top or rag and then re-inserted/ seated, console closed and powered up again.

If for some reason this does not fix your problem you will need to either burn a new image onto the same card, or source a replacement card with the image/software for your specific model pandora's box pre-installed.

Be sure to double check your micro SD card size as it could be 32GB or 64GB.