What makes a great bartop arcade machine?

Retro gaming nostalgia is big and in-home arcade machines are gaining popularity. Given the industry isnt regulated components used and build quality/finish vary dramatically as does price.

Just like pandora box consoles vary in price and performance with price not being an effective way of measuring whats best, the same applies to arcade machines. With so many components going into these games machines, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight ten things you should consider when reviewing an arcade gaming cabinet.

To start with we have gone for portability. However maintained focus on full size arcade components and experience. Be it an entertainment room or corner, big and bulky machines have a short term appeal as they take up too much space with limited ability to be moved.

We will be covering the gamesboard/ machine that runs your arcade at a later date, however for now just make sure that whatever you chose it plays classics and newer console games as true to the real thing as possible. Meaning hassle free easy to use and plays games fast and smooth. You want to spend time playing, not fixing or tweaking ;-).



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