RG351MP 128GB Micro SD ready to play Custom Firmware - upgrade card

RG351MP 128GB Micro SD ready to play Custom Firmware - upgrade card

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This card works on the RG351MP only and does not include the console - card only.

This brand-name 128GB card is pre-configured Custom Firmware. This card has been upgraded as we found a number of 351MP consoles would not boot properly or crash with the previous firmware. In most cases, the upgrade works fine. The upgraded card has had another sweep with more non-English titles being removed.  It has a custom theme, 41 console categories, along with a video, and in some cases a pic preview of each game. With background 80s music while searching for the title of your choice, you're guaranteed some serious Nostalgia. The micro SD card is loaded with over 5K of vetted English titles ready to play.

Transform your 351MP into an Arcade Cabinet by removing your TF1 card and replacing it with this bad boy. Loaded with Goodies and bang for buck.

The Nostalgia hit will have you enjoying titles from Amiga, Arcade, Atari, C64, Amstrad, ColecoVision, Dreamcast, Gameboy, Sega, Naomi, Nintendo, OpenBor, PC Engine, Pico8, Ports, ScummVM, and many more!

We use a current stable release that takes your 351MP experience to a whole new level, unachievable with the factory setup.

The Lexar cards read up to 100MBs, are purchased locally through a reputable source, and have proven to be extremely reliable.

Both 32 & 64-bit emulation is supported, meaning more consoles and games can be ported over and played. The card has a different F: partition for games so you can easily (with caution) drag and drop games onto it using your computer via WiFi.

With over 1GB of spare space remaining on the card, you have room to add titles, save states, and necessary system space. 

With Wi-Fi-enabled firmware supports over-the-air updates just like your smartphone which will keep you up-to-date with ease.

Consoles and gameplay are reliable and enjoyable - simply insert the card, turn on your handheld, and play.

Please keep in mind that while the console emulates other systems and delivers lots of fun, it does have limitations and won't emulate everything to perfection.

Some titles that are more demanding like N64 and Naomi can show signs of lag or sound chopping. We have tried our best to remove titles that showed signs of lag. That said, the firmware does have settings that can help reduce this, but there will be titles it can't do well or to your satisfaction. This is the current ceiling of handheld retro gaming.

The card comes with random retro tunes that play during game selection which really sets the scene.

This listing is for the SD card loaded with Custom Firmware.

While Jam-packed with retro goodies and tweaked games we provide no guarantees.

What's in the box

1 x Lexar 128GB quality SD card
1 x Custom Firmware operating system with 40+ configured consoles

The boring stuff

- While Custom Firmware has been tested. Due to the nature of emulation, titles that may come with SD card are as is and no guarantees are provided.
- Games console in the picture is for reference only and not included

Customer Reviews

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Darren Cole
Great Upgrade!

Sooo much better than the stock card, well worth the money!