Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship
Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship
Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship
Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship
Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship
Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship
Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship
Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship

Anbernic RG552 5.4" touchscreen Android Linux handheld - console - Free Ship

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The next generation Anbernic Handheld device is here.

The Anbernic RG552 steps into the 5"+ 10-point touchscreen territory. Supporting Android and Linux with the standard premium controls. You'll be able to play more retro games up to Playstation, PSP on a much bigger screen along with some Wii and modern Android titles. 

With close to a 5.4" IPS touch screen and Nintendo switch quality joysticks, this handheld gaming console is big enough to bring your games to life while still portable being a tad smaller than the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The screen resolution steps up from 640*480 seen on the 351V and 351MP to 1920x1152. HDMI is finally back, so you can connect your wired or wireless gamepad along with an HDMI cable and play on the big screen.

Plug in the charging cable and when you're done unplug and take it with you wherever you go for 5+ hours of gameplay. Comes with an Australian charge pack so no messy, bulky adapter is needed.

What do you plug your charge cable into? The 552 comes with its own fast charger. No more trying to find a matching charger and you'll be fully charged and ready to rumble in less than 2hrs.

Our charger comes with an AU plug built-in, so no need for a big chunky adapter.

We also have 2 options when it comes to protective travel cases for your RG552

Given the RG552 runs Android and Linux your options are limitless. Enjoy playing Retro classics to newer Android titles how you want with quality dual Rocker vibrating joysticks, DPad, standard and shoulder buttons.

Our RG552 consoles have the updated 16GB microSD card that boots into EmulationStation. The 64GB secondary card is loaded and ready to play.

We've setup hotkeys for you already so to exit a game simply press the SELECT and START buttons together.

Should you choose to boot into Android, Simply remove the 16GB card. 

The RG552 comes with WiFi and dual micro SD cards providing easier accessibility, customisation and the ability to add games your way.

Performance-wise the handheld runs an RK3399 Hexa-core 64-bit processor at 1.8GHz  with 4GB LPDDR4. This is already a step ahead of most retro consoles as the norm is 1-2GB RAM. The active turbo cooling seen over the past months on numerous posts will keep it cool and performing during long play sessions.

Videos have leaked of the RG552 playing PSP titles such as God of war and Tekken 6. You can expect to play Nintendo DS, Megadrive and so on including 64-bit consoles such as Dreamcast, Playstation, N64, Saturn etc. 

The exciting bit is we start to step into WII and Gamecube territory. So looking forward to seeing which of these titles play well.

From the dual micro SD cards to sound toggle button and on/off you can expect to see a very similar layout to the 351MP however in a larger footprint with more power and enticing touch screen display wrapped in a Black or Bronze Gray case.

Electro Arcade is an authorised Anbernic seller and deals directly with Anbernic enabling us to provide improved QC, support and parts.


The IPS screen provides a crisp and vibrant image from any angle. The high-quality dual speaker audio, premium joysticks and up to 6hrs battery life mean a greater lasting experience every time. 

Plugin your headphones, pick a comfy corner and play away...

The 552 is a dual boot console using Android and Linux so, like most emulators you can expect to see RetroArch meaning you can tweak and adjust each game and consoles settings.

As always we recommend that you make a soft backup image file of your SD card and store it away.

The stock micro SD card can be replaced with 128GB, 256GB or 400GB SD cards giving you room to grow your collection.

Happy retro gaming.

Console details

Type: Official Anbernic portable games console
RK3399 Based on big.LITTLE architecture Hexa-core 64-bit (A72×2 + A53×4) processor, Main frequency 1.8GHz CPU / Mali-T860 GPU
Software functions:
Retro Gaming Emulation, Android console
Audio Dual stereo speakers, headphone jack, HDMI
Black, Bronze Gray
Screen: 5.36" IPS Screen, OCA full lamination 1920 × 1152
SD Card: 2x external. 64GB OS Micro SD memory card. The second games card supports  up to 512GB
Audio: High-quality dual speaker stereo
Controls: Same quality dual analogue sticks as used on Nintendo Switch and D-pad. Includes feedback rumble/vibration feature
Interface type:
USB 2.0 - Charge and file transfer
Supported game formats: 20+ formats including Android, WII, NGC, NDS, N64, DC, PSP, PS1, Openbor, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD, SMS, GG, MSX, PCE, WSC etc
Battery: 2×3200mAh ultra-large-capacity high-density Li-ion Battery 7.6V voltage output, 24Wh power, 6 hours of battery life
Charge: Cable and charger included
Large diameter silent active heat sink turbofan
HDMI, WI-FI, 3.5mm headphone jack, Dual 3D rumble joysticks
19.8cm wide x 8.5cm high x 2.0cm deep


What's in the box

1 x RG552 console
1 x USB charge cable/ 30W fast charging power adapter
1 x User manual
2 x Micro SD cards User manual

The boring stuff

- Based on your screen settings, product colours may differ.
- Sizes may be slightly different based on manual measurement.
- Button and controller finish may vary depending on selected model/ colour.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeff W
Fantastic rg552! Linux is king!

The anbernic rg552 dual boot handheld Is a retro gamers dream.
The widescreen is perfect for PSP and GBA with plenty of light and colour depth,
not to mention how smooth N64, ds and Dreamcast runs.
Cannot forget scummvm, arcade, Sega Naomi,atomiswave etc ! Anything old and adventurous, it's playable.
With many different themes to suit my likes and with the premium case with charger, this handheld suits my needs,
Hopefully anbernic make another Linux boot that will support systems like Wii/,U 3ds and switch ,
But for now this console and the service from the gentlemen at electroarcade are more than enough :)

nb get a professional to install the screen protector.
A longer USB cable and a power bank to accompany it are my suggested accessories :)

RG552 after one week of use

This is a great device with a beautiful screen. D-pad games are easy to play, using the joysticks can be tricky with adult sized hands

Geoffrey Graham
Excellent screen and dual boot!

Great build quality and the beautiful touchscreen display is the best on any handheld i have owned. After an update to the Android firmware this gives access to the Google Play-store. This makes it easy to add and update apps . Streaming games via moonlight or steam works very well. Liked being able to purchase locally too. A bit pricey but im very happy 😃

David Tucker

Thanks, your customer service is fantastic.

Rg 552

Thanks you for the device I’m very happy with it