RG351P or M 400GB SanDisk Micro SD loaded & ready to play 351ELEC v2 - card
RG351P or M 400GB SanDisk Micro SD loaded & ready to play 351ELEC v2 - card

RG351P or M 400GB SanDisk Micro SD loaded & ready to play 351ELEC v2 - card

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This is a genuine SanDisk 400GB Ultra Micro SD card loaded with all you need.

It comes pre-loaded with the 351ELEC v2 operating system configured for the RG351P and RG351M.

This SD card will bring the most feature-rich and user-friendly operating system available to your Anbernic RG351P or RG351M.

This does not include the console - card only.

Simply push out your existing micro SD card, put this one in and boot your device - it's as simple as that. Navigate the games menu and you're off and playing.

Why 351ELEC? It has all the latest software and updates and runs more efficiently than the factory setup. Many state this is the operating system the RG351P or M should have come with from the factory.

The factory setup struggles with some titles including PSP emulation however, 351ELEC plays PSP titles much more efficiently resulting in smoother gameplay.

And the benefits continue...  Plug the 400GB Micro SD card into a card reader on your computer and you can read and update games using drag and drop or copy and paste with ease.

This listing is for the SD card loaded with 351ELEC.

With titles from Amiga, Atari, C64, Dreamcast, Intellivision, PSP, N64, Sega, and so on, this card is jam-packed with goodies. There is around 50GB of free space remaining for game saves and misc, however, there's still plenty of room for you to add your own titles, movies, or music.

What's in the box

1 x SanDisk 400GB Ultra Micro SD card
1 x 351ELEC operating system and titles
1 x Full-size SD Adapter
- x Does not include a game console

The boring stuff

- While 351ELEC has been tested. Due to the nature of emulation, titles that may come with SD card are as is and no guarantees are provided.
- Games console in the picture is for reference only and not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fast service

Sent fast, response to questions also quick. Rgp351p is overall super good. The R1 trigger is a bit sticky compared to the L1 (making Mario kart powerslides difficult! :() But overall good.

Would love to see a Retroid Pocket 2 and something similar to the emulec memory card set up for that on here :)

izaak miller husemann
its what you expect

The card does what I expected after reading the review, plug and play
Service and feedback is for as far I can tell very good
The guys from Electroarcade deliver a great service with a personal touch

Great Service

Shipped fast, arrived fast, packaged well, definitely will be ordering from you again. exactly what I wanted.

Aaron Conner
Money well spent!

I don't make a lot of money, so this was quite a purchase for me. I ordered the 400gb card and the case with it, and I have to say that this was one of the best purchases I've made in a long time and I don't regret a cent! Good value, great price. The device has a quality feel to it, and I can't fault its build or operation. The games and operating system only add to the perks; there's games here I loved that I had forgotten existed until I picked up this game! Recommend it to anyone, and have done, and now they're looking at getting one of these, too.

RG351M with 351elec

Really am impressed with this product and the things that it can do the 351elec SD card upgrade is more than worth it. But where I am mostly impressed is how Paul from Electroarcade went above and beyond with his after sales care! 10/10 would buy again!!!