RG351P/M 128GB Micro SD loaded & ready to play - ArkOS v1.6
RG351P/M 128GB Micro SD loaded & ready to play - ArkOS v1.6
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, RG351P/M 128GB Micro SD loaded & ready to play - ArkOS v1.6
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, RG351P/M 128GB Micro SD loaded & ready to play - ArkOS v1.6

RG351P/M 128GB Micro SD loaded & ready to play - ArkOS v1.6

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This is a genuine Lexar 128GB Micro SD card loaded with over 40 consoles and 18K titles configured and ready to play.

ArkOS 1.6 is the current stable release and extracts from the 351P and 351M much more than the factory operating system can - meaning better and smoother gameplay for more consoles and more demanding titles that on the factory setup can struggle and lag.

ArkOS can support 32 & 64-bit emulation meaning more consoles and games can be ported over and played. Like 351ELEC it has a separate partition for games so you can easily drag and drop games onto it using your computer.

With Wi-Fi enabled ArkOS supports over-the-air updates just like your smartphone which will keep you up-to-date with ease.

Consoles and gameplay are reliable and enjoyable - simply insert the card, turn on your handheld, and play.

Please keep in mind that while the console emulates other systems and delivers lots of fun, it does have limitations and won't emulate everything to perfection.

Some titles that are more demanding like N64 can show signs of lag or sound chopping. ArkOs does have settings that can help reduce this, but there will be titles it can't do well or to your satisfaction. This is the current ceiling of handheld retro gaming.

Comes with random retro tunes that play during game selection which really sets the scene.

This listing is for the SD card loaded with ArkOS.

With titles from Amiga, Arcade Classics, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, Coleco Vision, and so on.

Jam-packed with retro goodies and tweaked games, for example games like 1943 auto-rotate to vertical layout so you can maximise screen space and enjoy it just like it was meant to be played.

What's in the box

1 x Lexar 128GB quality SD card
1 x ArkOS 1.6 operating system with 40+ configured consoles titles

The boring stuff

- While ArkOS has been tested. Due to the nature of emulation, titles that may come with SD card are as is and no guarantees are provided.
- Games console in the picture is for reference only and not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brian fox
Very happy

Very well made and works well

Great Device and Better Customer Service

Purchased this device after I saw a friend playing on his. Absolutely incredible device, opened the package, SD card was loaded and off and running. So hard to put this thing down have spent countless hours on it.

When looking at which device to buy, I sent an email on a Sunday afternoon and was astonished to receive a response from Paul and he assisted me with all questions, queries and advice on each device and operating system. Would highly recommend and will definitely be using ElectroArcade in the future for any retro machines.

Very prompt service!

Ordered and got my RG351P within the week, it’s exactly what I wanted if not more. Will no doubt return to electro arcade in the future. Good stuff

Huy Vo
100% Ready to go!

im a total noob setting up my device. this product skips all that truly just insert and power on and you're ready to go!

That was quick! (Oh, and good quality)

Great communication with care to product quality. And it arrived the next day! I'll be back.