Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console
Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console
Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console
Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console
Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console
Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console
Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console

Anbernic RG351MP IPS 4:3 ratio alloy shell handheld - console

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The 351MP is a great retro gaming combination

The shell of the M with the screen of the V brings a 4:3 ratio to your new handheld retro gaming console. 

Been looking for a dual joystick handheld that houses a 4:3 ratio screen? The 351MP feels and looks sharp with its aluminum shell and 640 * 480 IPS screen. You can now enjoy arcade classics on a handheld in the same ratio they were made to be played. Including GB, GBA, GBC, NES, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Arcade, Playstation and many more delivering retro nostalgia in spades. 

Electro Arcade is an authorised Anbernic seller. All our Anbernic products and accessories are sourced from the original Anbernic manufacturer.

The first thing many ask is Does the Anbernic rg351mp come with games?

Standard, the 351MP can include around 2,500 titles using the Batocera OS. It's a good starting point, however moving up to custom firmware means you get a better experience, more refined gameplay and subsequently more out of each console including games and gameplay, not to mention titles can range up to 15,000. Keep in mind quality always trumps quantity when it comes to games.

If you're considering using ArkOS custom firmware please purchase our pre-configured and tested bundle.
If you want to configure your own custom firmware and ArkOS fails you, your other option could be 351Elec otherwise known as AmberElec.

All stock is located, tested and sent from our Melbourne HQ.

Checkout the upgraded Custom OS 351MP games card >>

The 351MP comes with the same chipset and performance you'll find on existing 351P/M/V consoles. The architecture and micro SD card setup however mimic the newer 351V console including the two SD card setup. You get 1 card for the operating system and the 2nd for games. 

While the 351V is very popular due to the 640 * 480 screen and Game Boy-inspired look, the 351MP now delivers the same size screen in a more comfortable landscape profile with dual joysticks and stereo speakers.

If you're looking to play and enjoy your retro games anywhere with ease, then you really can't go past the Anbernic range of handheld retro emulators.

The 351MP by Anbernic is positioned as its premium console in the 351x range.

While the 351M has an aluminium shell, the two side panels are plastic- which is necessary for the Wifi Signal. Anbernic have gone with a solid aluminium shell this time around. Not only does the extra weight provide a nicer feel, but offers greater protection when knocked or dropped. Along with our tempered film screen protector, the 351MP should keep you going back into the future.

Does the 351MP have WiFi?

No, as the 351MP uses a solid metal shell, this heavily reduces WiFi signal efficiency. Therefore moving to an external WiFi dongle overcomes this. Using a plug-in USB WiFi dongle when needed improves battery life and console stability when the battery reaches a lower charge range.

The 351MP at Electro Arcade includes a Wifi dongle and screen protector as standard.

The larger 640 * 480 IPS screen provides a crisp and vibrant image from any angle. The upgraded display panel appears to deliver richer and deeper colours on the MP. The high-quality dual speaker audio, premium joysticks and 6-8hrs battery life mean a greater lasting experience every time.

The RG 351MP is slightly thicker, and taller but not as wide as its hardshell 351M sibling.

While the MP has stereo speakers compared to a single speaker on the V, the 351MP layout resembles the V with its 2 Micro SD card slots, the power button on the right and a volume rocker on the left, as opposed to a left-hand side volume dial found on the P & M models.

To top it off the RG-351MP moves to GPIO controllers which should reduce joystick dropout and detection issues experienced by some 351M devices, especially at low battery charge. 

The premium finish protective travel case will keep your Anbernic RG351MP safe at all times.

If you're looking for a Game Boy style with the same screen size and ratio, but at a lower price break, the 351V is worth a look. While we believe the 351P still delivers the best bang for your buck.

What consoles and games can the 351MP emulate?

The 351MP shares the same chipset as the 351P, 351M and 351V meaning you can expect the same performance on all the 351x range of consoles.

You can expect Arcade titles, all the Game Boy consoles including GBC and GBA, 16 bit consoles such as C64, Amstrad, Atari including the less demanding N64, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 1 titles. More demanding games that show signs of sound chopping or screen tearing can be tweaked using settings like frameskip, however, in such cases, it does come down to each individual's expectations.

The 351MP uses the EmuELEC and RetroArch software meaning you can tweak and adjust each game and console's settings along with adding your own game ROMs.

The Anbernic RG351MP comes with a 16GB micro SD card that houses the OS and a 64GB games card. We recommend that you make a soft backup image file of your SD card and store it away.

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What's in the box

1 x RG351MP console
1 x USB charge cable (preferably via a 5v 2a phone charger)
1 x USB Adapter and Wifi dongle
1 x Tempered film Screen Protector
1 x User manual

1 x Genuine Anbernic Travel Case

Console details

Type: Official Anbernic portable games console
RK3326 Quad-Core 1.5GHz GPU Mali G31 MP2 with 1GB DDR3L RAM
Software functions:
Retro Gaming Emulation, Audio/Video Playback, Audio Recorder, E-Book
Video playback:
Matte black, Starry Sky Gray
Screen: 3.5" IPS Screen, OCA full lamination 640 × 480

16GB OS Micro SD card & 64GB Micro SD memory card included support  up to 512GB expansion

Audio: High-quality dual speaker stereo
Controls: Same quality dual analogue sticks as used on Nintendo Switch and D-pad. Includes feedback rumble/vibration feature
USB Dongle
Interface type:
USB 2.0 - Charge and file transfer
Supported game formats: 20+ formats including Amiga, Atari, Capcom CPS1, CPS2, Game Boy, ColecoVision, GBA, GBC, NeoGeo, NES & Nintendo64, Playstation, PSP
Game speed: 1:1 speed @60hz
Battery: Li-polymer 3500 mAH rechargeable battery with up to 8hrs usage with 4hr charge @ 1.3A.
Charge: Recommended 5V, 1.3A. Avoid higher voltage as continued exposure can cause damage.
CNC-pressed aluminium alloy shell
Size  (cm) :
15.2cm wide * 7.1cm high * 1.8cm deep
Console: 270grams


The boring stuff

- Based on your screen settings, product colours may differ.
- Sizes may be slightly different based on manual measurement.
- Button and controller finish may vary depending on the selected model/ colour.

We use a combination of couriers and Australia Post to send products quickly and safely. This usually takes between 1-3 days in Australia depending on the distance from our HQ in Melbourne's South East.

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We test every console prior to shipping it out from our Melbourne HQ in order to ensure your purchase arrives in good working order.

Should you experience any issues with our products or the service provided, please get in contact with us. We will take care of this together ensuring a happy outcome.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Anbernic RG351MP

Great console, though no Mario titles on the SD card the unit shipped with. I also bought the upgrade SD card and very pleased to see Mario titles included. Overall experience was very good. Fast shipping, so very happy.

Nick O'Neill
Anbernic RG351MP

I absolutely love my little console, it is seriously amazing. Feels very good in my hands and runs very smoothly. The team at Electro Arcade did an excellent job.

Jake Blatchford
RG351 + arkos memory card

I purchased the RG351mp after extensive research so it is prefect for my needs and I can now highly recommend. I also decided to get the preloaded memory card during my purchase, with arkos installed, which was a great decision. The firmware is easy to use after some getting used to it and the guys have filled it with great stuff. I was impressed with the game ports in particular. Thanks 😊

Stephen Dyer
Anbernic RG351MP

5 stars for electroarcade, everything is set up perfectly and ready to run as soon as you open it. The unit itself is likely the best quality retro handheld of this generation too, solid as a rock.

Excellent piece of kit

Fantastic service. Personalised and prompt response - changed my original order without a drama.
The Anbernic itself exceeds expectations, can't wait to go mad on it during my 24hr flight tomorrow