Anbernic RG353P 3.5" touch screen SNES style gaming handheld Pre-Order
Anbernic RG353P 3.5" touch screen SNES style gaming handheld Pre-Order
Anbernic RG353P 3.5" touch screen SNES style gaming handheld Pre-Order
Anbernic RG353P 3.5" touch screen SNES style gaming handheld Pre-Order

Anbernic RG353P 3.5" touch screen SNES style gaming handheld Pre-Order

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The SNES-inspired RG353P handheld is... bringing retro back, yeah!

Pre-Orders ETA 1st week of July.

This listing is for the Games console and 16GB OS card.
If you are wanting the optional card for the 2nd slot, look at our bundle option.

Not only does the RG353P look super comfy to hold with all the edges gone, but it comes with the 640 * 480 3.5" touch screen. Sporting the new RK3566 and finally, 2GB RAM means retro gaming should run a fair bit smoother than the 351 range.

If we're talking retro, then the SNES-inspired design brings it in spades. Add Android 11 along with touchscreen and this should be a retro and modern game handheld of joy. The contoured case should make it super comfy for your hands too.

The RG353P is 1.6cm narrower than the RG503 and 2cm narrower than the RG552. The screen is the same size as the 351V and 351MP with added touchscreen function for the Android interface, games and apps.

and YES, we finally have stacked shoulder buttons.

The Anbernic RG353P comes with HDMI so you can connect to a bigger screen. You can also connect an external gamepad via the USB C port or using Bluetooth 4.2.

Given the Nintendo nostalgia this handheld oozes, it's only fitting that it plays N64, DS and Super Nintendo very well. While you can play these two consoles on Linux, it's recommended you boot into the Android 11 interface and consider 2x resolution on games.

On the Batocera Linux side, from the factory, it runs the same front end as the RG503 and RG553 being Emulationstation and RetroArch.

The upgraded hardware, 4:3 Aspect Ratio and the touchscreen make it perfect for Nintendo DS emulation and PS1 also runs great while PSP runs ok.

Dreamcast and Saturn however are hit n miss on the stock firmware.

While GameCube isn't its speciality, some of the easier titles will work well but PS2 is a no-go.

The large body also means a more comfortable hold and nicely placed fingers on the stacked shoulder buttons.

Happy retro gaming.

Game Play

Anbernic Preview

Taki's Indepth Review

Console details

Type: Anbernic RG353P
RK3566 Quad-Core 64 bit Cortex-A55 up to1.8GHz, GPU: Mail-G52. Linux 16GB RAM, Android 32GB RAM
Software functions:
Dual Boot Batocera Linux, Android 11
Audio Dual stereo speakers, headphone jack, HDMI
Black Transparent, Grey
Screen: 3.5 inches 640*480 OCA
SD Card: 2x external. 16GB OS Micro SD memory card. 64Gb second games card supports up to 512GB
Audio: High-quality dual speaker stereo
Controls: Same quality dual analogue sticks as used on Nintendo Switch and D-pad. Includes feedback rumble/vibration feature
2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2
Interface type:
USB 2.0 - Charge and file transfer
Supported game formats: 20+ formats including Android, WII, NGC, NDS, N64, DC, PSP, PS1, Openbor, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD, SMS, GG, MSX, PCE, WSC etc
Battery: 3500mAh with up-to 6 hours of battery life
Charge: Type C USB charge cable
Micro HDMI, WI-FI, 3.5mm headphone jack, Dual 3D rumble joysticks
17.4cm wide x 8.4cm high x 2.1cm deep


What's in the box

1 x RG353P console
1 x USB type C charge cable
1 x Tempered glass screen protector
2 x Micro SD cards (16GB OS and 64GB games card)
1 x User manual


The boring stuff

- Based on your screen settings, product colours may differ.
- Sizes may be slightly different based on manual measurement.
- Button and controller finish may vary depending on the selected model/ colour.


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