King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles
King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles

King of Retro Arcade gaming - MINIBEAST BARTOP - EX2 A9 10000 titles

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What if you could play all the games you love and more?

The MiniBeast bartop arcade machine goes 1up on the competition bringing the most intense arcade experiences directly into your home.

It uses the fastest board available, is packed with games, looks the part and is fitted out with quality upgraded components. Lets not forget its an absolute blast to play for all ages.

All components are modular arcade quality meaning they can be serviced or replaced with ease should the need arise. That includes the American style adjustable joysticks and buttons which have replaceable quality leaf switches.


The MiniBeast is the perfect addition to any collection. It delivers the arcade experience in a small convenient footprint. This versatile bartop gaming machine is a heavyweight yet only comes in at 26kg. The MiniBeast can be moved and stylishly placed wherever, whenever and still look in place without taking up valuable floor space.

Matched with our MiniBeast Bartop Stand you'll have a perfect yet portable in home arcade setup.

In comparison, the Arcade1UP 8-In-1 Partycade Machine comes in at a lightweight 4.5kg housing a 17" LCD screen opposed to our MiniBeast 26kg and 19" higher quality IPS screen. 

From the bedroom or study desk to the deck or lounge room table or bench when guests are over, the MiniBeast comes bundled with all the classics and more. It's no slow coach either and will play more demanding titles like Ridge Racer 2 or Mario Kart 64 with ease. It's built to be used so adults and kids of all ages will have an absolute ball. It's a true multi-game arcade machine.

Whether you're playing solo, head to head or side by side combat, the MiniBeast will bring the fun!

The top marquee lights up just like you'd expect from an arcade machine. The colour matched aluminium brackets are easily removed should you chose to change the marquee banner image in the future. 

Oh did we mention the separate switch on the back? When you want that little bit more atmosphere, flick the switch and the colour strips will light up underneath the cabinet.


Like our other King of Retro consoles, it comes with everything you need, but in this case PLUS the TV! We haven't skimped with the 19" screen either and gone IPS instead of the standard LED meaning the picture and colour quality will be richer, more accurate and maintain a crisp and clear image from any angle. The 60Hz refresh rate means up-to 60 frames per second which will exceed your retro gaming needs.

IPS vs LED screens

While cost cutting arcades come with a perspex/ acrylic cover, the MiniBeast is finished with a tempered glass cover for optimal viewing, safety and maintenance.


The past and future of arcade gaming is here and you're going to love it.

The MiniBeast comes in a quality finish with new tech and a compact design. Yes, you can now add a real arcade machine to your Man Cave or frankly any space without the downside of a huge unmovable cabinet.

You'll be 1UP on the competition as the MiniBeast bartop uses proper arcade components meaning readily available parts or easy upgrades or tweaks should you chose to.

Finish wise, we use black t-moulding to maintain the elegant look, while the whole cabinet including the back is vinyl wrapped with the printed theme.

The print on the control panel is heavy-duty matt scratch-resistant - within reason of course.

The rear has an opening door that uses proper cabinetry hardware with a premium lock and 2 keys. The front control panel is on hidden locking hinges for easy access and internally the quality continues with pristine wiring practices - making this MiniBeast just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside.

There are no screws visible over or through the vinyl as we use metal brackets to reinforce from the inside.

The rear door houses a detachable power cord, and the on/off switch for the MiniBeast. It also has an independant switch for the underbody LED light strips. Last of all no need to open the door as you can connect keyboard, gamepads etc to the gamesboard via the external dual USB port.

Similar to our other King of Retro Arcade decks, the MiniBeast bartop comes in a number of themed styles.

With the latest tech and a huge selection of your favourite games, this arcade gaming cabinet will bring back memories and deliver endless hours of fun for the whole family without the hassle of maintaining or servicing old hardware.

Why is the A9 the King of retro Arcade gaming consoles?

Not only can it compete with large arcade cabinets, but can sit on a shelf anywhere or be moved with ease.
The King of Arcade comes with 10,000 titles and WiFi so you can access the online Game store. It emulates the arcade classics like Galaga, Moon Patrol, Pac Man and Space Invaders along with many consoles including N64, Dreamcast, PS1, PSP, Genesis, Gameboy platforms and more. The King uses the latest EX2 board and s812 A9 chipset which leads the Pandora box market in performance and reliability.

Where many claim and fail the King of Arcade plays the arcade classics along with most newer games respectfully. This includes titles such as Mario Kart 64, Initial D, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Metal Slug to name a few.

The console button order can be adjusted and optional gamepad controllers set up quickly and easily as player1,2,3 or 4 giving you total control over how you play.

Customers love it! And here's a few reasons why you will too

  • Solid construction
  • 19" 60Hz IPS crisp screen with 4:3 arcade aspect ratio with tempered glass cover
  • WiFi and Game store download access
  • Sort games by category or use the search feature
  • Tag/ untag your favourite games - showing them at top of the list with a ♥
  • Pause and Exit
  • Separate power and LED button - turn the under cabinet cycling LED lights on or off as you please
  • Save and load game progress
  • P1 and P2 can define and save their desired button order individually
  • Attach compatible gamepad/ controllers and allocate as P1 through to P4
  • Faster processor for better gameplay
  • A mix of classic and newer games
  • Use the internal amplifier and speakers or audio jack to your headphones or external sound system 
We only sell the latest and best retro arcade models. Electro Arcade puts in the effort to make sure that our units are attractive, compact, efficient, competitively priced and work well. To ensure a hassle-free experience all units are individually tested locally before being shipped.

Consoles summary

The King runs Smoother and faster and quieter ensuring maximum fun. We use the A9 S812-WJ-025 which is the newest version of the fastest Pandora box on the market.

Our units also come patched and run smoother than from the factory along with unlocking more features -including aspect ratio which corrects widescreen image stretching, resulting in a truer arcade experience.

For a more detailed comparison visit our pandora's box arcade console review.

What's in the box

1 x MiniBeast bartop arcade machine
1 x Power cable

Console details

Type: EX2 10,000 Wifi
12-core ARM cortex A9, 4 core CPU+8 core GPU 2.0GHz; GPU Mali 450MP8 @600MHZ
Software functions:
Sort list by type, recent, favourite, search by name.
In-game pause, save, load, exit
Titles and formats supported:
Pre-Installed EX2 10,000 games including 160 games with 3D effect. Supports CP1, CP2, Dreamcast, GB, GBC, GBA, Mame, MD, NeoGeo, SFC format games
19" 60Hz IPS 1280*1024  4:3 ratio
Memory: 1GB DDR3 with upgraded 128GB games card
USB: 2x USB ports for external games and game-pad support dependent on device type and compatibility
Controls: 1 joystick, 6 player buttons, coin and start button per player (x2)
Audio: Independent 20w upgraded amplifier and stereo speakers
Controls: 1 Seimistu joystick, 6 American style buttons, coin and start button per player (x2)
RGB LED strip cycles and lights up the base of the Arcade machine with an independent on/off switch
Games store: Yes included
Audio Inbuilt amplifier with external controls
Power switch on the rear of the cabinet along with detachable standard 3 PIN female power cable
Laminated 18" MDF with vinyl printed wrap/steel brackets/elements, Tempered glass screen cover. Includes lockable rear door
Size (cm) :
56cm wide x 49cm deep x 65cm height
Arcade cabinet weight:

The boring stuff

- Due to the light and screen differences, the colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures.
- Please allow up to 1cm size difference due to manual measurement.
- Buttons and controller finish may vary depending on the model and colour. 

Updated Software

Our King consoles are patched and games run smoother and faster. 

Direct from Manufacturer

The Electro Arcade MiniBeast Bartop is made to our specifications and installed with reliable components. 


We use a combination of couriers and Australia Post to send products quickly and safely. This usually takes between 1-3 days in Australia depending on the distance from our HQ in Melbourne's South East.

International shipping is offered for select products and destinations.

Price ranges from free shipping to over $100 depending on country and location.

For example 6 days to New Zealand vs 2 weeks to America.

For an exact price please add the desired product(s) to your cart and use our "Cart & Shipping estimator" on the basket page.

Electro Arcade takes customer service seriously and provides local warranty and support. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best product at a good price and that it works straight out of the box.

We test every console prior to shipping it out from our Melbourne HQ in order to ensure your purchase arrives in good working order.

Should you experience any issues with our products or the service provided, please get in contact with us. We will take care of this together ensuring a happy outcome.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Reliving the late 80's

So cool and now pride of place in my lounge room.
Reliving all the old 80's coin ops I spent so many 20c every time playing has been amazing.
Showing my kids how cool old school games like 1943, Galaga, Bubble Bobble and the list goes on has been so much fun and so much more engaging than our XBOX.
You have to buy the stand to set this off - my Space Invaders Box has been the envy of many friends so far.

Kim Malkoun

I bought this for my husband’s 40th birthday. He was absolutely thrilled!! It took him back to all the games he used to play as a kid and now he plays them with our kids. The bonus is that it’s portable - he’s even had it at his friends house! I cannot fault Electroarcade - the packing was well done and delivery was quick!

Peter Taylor
Awesome System

Hours and hours of games to play and remember old times. What an awesome system. More games than I could possibly play over the upcoming summer. Good times ahead!!! Highly recommend this unit. :)

Jamie Kolar
Short answer……..hell yes!

I had high expectations on this machine before it arrived…..and it delivered, and then some. So many great games that play equally as good as what they did 20-30 years ago. I’ve spent many hours falling in love with all the classics again, and feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface…..the hidden gems I’m finding along the way that I’ve never played before or even heard of are an absolute bonus. The unit itself is a solid build and very aesthetically pleasing, controls feel amazing and the amp at the front to control sound is another added bonus. Despite turning my machine off every night… save games and high scores are still on the machine when I turn it on for another session…..brilliant.

My wife will tell you the best thing I ever spent my money on was an engagement ring…..the Minibeast Bartop EX2 A9 is right up there in my opinion…..well worth the money, it truly is a beast.

If you’re reading reviews to help you decide whether to buy one of these…..short answer is hell yes. Absolutely do it. You won’t regret it.