TEST Anbernic RG351M handheld console : Aluminium shell & Wi-Fi

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SD Card selection
Standard or Premium card with improved operating system, extra consoles and titles
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The best handheld console just got better


The Anbernic RG351M takes premium to the next level with in-build Wi-Fi and a solid aluminium alloy shell.

With a 3.5" IPS screen for perfect viewing at any angle and Nintendo switch quality joysticks, the Anbernic RG351M is an amazing little retro games console.

Electro Arcade is an authorised Anbernic seller. All our Anbernic products and accessories are sourced from the original Anbernic manufacturer.

Our cases are a premium finish and miles ahead of so called genuine knock offs.

All our Anbernic RG351M stock is tested and sent out of our Melbourne HQ. The 351M comes in a Matte Black or Space Gray. All our units Include the optional thick screen protector that covers the super toughened glass.

Unlike the Retroid Pocket 2 or any other handheld emulator on the market the Anbernic finish and controls are premium and superior to anything remotely near this price range.

While the 351P is already very popular and nice to play and hold, add to this the CNC aluminium pressed hard shell and the RG351Ms appearance and feel is faultless.

If you're looking to play and enjoy your retro games anywhere with ease, then you really cant go past this Anbernic handheld retro emulator.

So is the 351M worth the extra USD$40?

With a CNC solid aluminium shell not only does the extra weight provide a nicer feel, but offers greater protection when knocked or dropped. Along with our tempered film screen protector the 351M should keep you going back into the future.

If you're wondering the 351M weights 70grams more @ 260G.

The IPS screen provides a crisp and vibrant image from any angle. The high-quality dual speaker audio, premium joysticks and up-to 8hrs battery life means a greater lasting experience every time.

Pictures don't do this gaming console justice. It looks, feels premium in every way and game play is sensational be it Amiga, Atari, C64, Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, N64, NeoGeo, PSP, PSX and many more.

The premium finish protective travel case will keep your Anbernic RG351M safe at all times.

If you're wanting a slightly bigger screen then the 351V is worth a look.


While the 351M uses the EmuELEC and RetroArch software meaning you can tweak and adjust each game and consoles settings, we also offer an upgraded 351ELEC SD card that further improves features, performance and gameplay.

The Anbernic RG351M comes with a 64GB micro SD card which holds all the game ROMs. With the use of a suitable USB card reader, chosen or all titles can be deleted and titles of your choice can be loaded up into the console-specific folders.

We recommend that you make a soft backup image file of your SD card and store it away.

The stock 64GB micro SD card can be replaced with 128GB, 256GB or 400GB SD cards. the 351M supports operating systems including 351ELEC, ArkOS and Batocera.

Whether you stick with the factory EmuELEC and RetroArch software or upgrade to the 351ELEC 400GB SD card, either way, all you'll need to do is unpack, turn it on and find a comfy place to play... Happy retro gaming.

Console details

Type: Official Anbernic portable games console
RK3326 Quad-Core 1.5GHz GPU Mali G31 MP2 with 1GB DDR3L RAM
Software functions:
Retro Gaming Emulation, Audio/Video Playback, Audio Recorder, E-Book
Video playback:
Matte black, Starry Sky Gray
Screen: 3.5" IPS Screen, OCA full lamination 320 × 480
Memory: 64GB Micro SD memory card included support  up to 512GB expansion
Audio: High-quality dual speaker stereo
Controls: Same quality dual analogue sticks as used on Nintendo Switch and D-pad. Includes feedback rumble/vibration feature
Interface type:
USB 2.0 - Charge and file transfer
Supported game formats: 20+ formats including Amiga, Atari, Capcom CPS1, CPS2, Game Boy, ColecoVision, GBA, GBC, NeoGeo, NES & Nintendo64, Playstation, PSP
Game speed: 1:1 speed @60hz
Battery: Li-polymer 3500 mAH rechargeable battery with up-to 8hrs usage with 4hr charge @ 1.3A.
Charge: Recommended 5V, 1.3A. Avoid higher voltage as continued exposure can cause damage.
CNC pressed aluminium alloy shell
Size  (cm) :
About 15.2w * 7.1h * 1.8d


What's in the box

1 x RG351M console
1 x USB charge cable (via computer or phone charger)
1 x User manual

1 x Tempered film Screen Protector
1 x Genuine Anbernic Travel Case


The boring stuff

- Based on your screen settings, product colours may differ.
- Sizes may be slightly different based on manual measurement.
- Button and controller finish may vary depending on selected model/ colour.

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