The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles

The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles

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Meet the premium XL steel case King of Retro Arcade game consoles.

It's solid and provides more shoulder room and space for 2 player action.

Mario & BTTF decks are on Pre-Order with an upgraded gameboard arriving Mid December.

Custom artwork, quality joysticks, LED arrows, and more...

The 2023 model comes with 3 USB ports for 2 gamepads and the ability to be used as a PC or PS3 fightstick.

The powder-coated steel case has a low profile, yet the base steps in creating an attractive and very sturdy case. The extra-wide deck measures 76cm by 25cm deep and 3.5cm tall. The XL deck is 12cm wider than the standard Pandora Box or Rasberry PI fight stick. It's also deeper and sits lower. At 6.5kg this bad boy weighs 2.2kg more.

Given a 4UP arcade machine is 89cm wide the XL retro arcade games console should give you a very comfortable 2-player experience. 

The steel case will ensure minimal movement when things get heated delivering an arcade experience at home or at friends.

Street Fighter XL Deck quick view

The XL still maintains a small footprint for what it delivers with quality components you can expect from Electro Arcade machines. The leading Pandoras gameboard delivers a crazy amount of arcade and console games that play well. Keep in mind not every single game will play to perfection, but you won't be left disappointed.

The XL deck is custom-made to our requirements and sourced directly from the manufacturer. Stock is housed in Melbourne Australia and shipped directly to you, so no middle man, smoke or mirrors or inflated prices. We back and support what we sell and have all required spares on hand.

The XL deck delivers a great package including custom limited edition faceplate artwork, these units are extremely appealing.

With the latest tech and a huge selection of your favourite games, this Retro Arcade Games Console will bring back memories and deliver endless hours of fun for the whole family!

Like our other retro consoles, all required cables are provided. 1 cable to your TV, the other to power and if you can select a game quick enough you could be playing in under a minute.

The Retrogaming package comes complete with everything needed. Spare buttons are also included - BYO TV :-) 

With many claiming a fast octa-core(8-core), the king runs the latest board with a truly fast 12 core, meaning no gameplay lag or sound chopping.

The 720P display works a treat on small and LARGE 75+ widescreen TVs. Beware of anyone stating a Pandora's box can do 1080P.

When comparing, be sure to check the processor speed and features, not the game count.

Curious how well games play on the King of retro Arcade games console?

Third-Party Gaming Experience Review

Our EX2 is the newer version of the 18s and runs the same chipset, so while it will vary, you can expect the same performance with some enhancements. 

Not only can The King of Arcade compete with large arcade cabinets, but stores away in your cupboard or drawer when finished.
The King of Arcade comes with 10,000 titles and WiFi so you can access the online Game store. It emulates the arcade classics along with many consoles including N64, Dreamcast, PS1, PSP, Genesis, Gameboy platforms and more. The King uses the latest EX2 board and s812 A9 chipset which leads the Pandora box market in performance and reliability.

Where many claim and fail the King of Arcade plays the arcade classics along with most newer games respectfully. This includes titles such as Mario Kart 64, Initial D, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Metal Slug to name a few.

The console button order can be adjusted and the gamepad controllers are set up quickly and easily as player1,2,3 or 4 giving you total control over how you play.

Upgraded joystick and buttons

We've done away with some of the glam by replacing the LED buttons for a better feel and quality solid button. Joysticks have been upgraded to good clones ensuring all skill levels have a great experience.

LED lighting

The acrylic top lights up using an internal LED strip. We've upgraded the wiring to include a separate switch so you decide when you want the cycling light effects on or off.

Updated Software

Our King consoles are patched with updated software in-house. The result is faster and smoother gameplay along with extra features.

4:3 Aspect mode Switch

Standard image stretching experienced on Pandora boxes when played on widescreen displays is removed. In addition, you can tweak the display aspect ratio to your liking by pressing P1 START & E button to cycle through 3 Aspect ratios.

Protective Layer

Not only is the face covered in a clear plastic liner, but we've taken it further and introduced clear plastic over all our buttons. No more marks on buttons during assembly or transport.

Direct from Manufacturer

Our constant drive to deliver a better quality product has led us to the Manufacturer of these units. While not an easy task, from button quality, to print finish, clean acrylic finish and assembly the final product is superior to what we've sampled from other Assembly factories. We couldn't be happier and so will you when you see the finish of these units. 

Customers love it! And here are a few reasons why you will too

  • Solid single deck steel base
  • WiFi and Game store download access
  • Sort games by category or use the search feature
  • Tag/ untag your favourite games - showing them at top of the list with a ♥
  • Adjust aspect ratio with 1 button - removes screen stretching on wide screens
  • Pause and Exit
  • Separate power and LED button - turn the cycling LED lights on or off as you please
  • Save and load game progress on some games
  • Add more games via USB - due to many aspects, we cannot guarantee what imported game/version will work
  • P1 and P2 can define and save their desired button order individually
  • Attach compatible gamepad/ controllers and allocate as P1 through to P4
  • Faster processor for better gameplay
  • A mix of classic and newer games
  • Use the internal speaker, audio jack or HDMI to hear audio directly or send it out to your sound system or TV.

Experience the best arcade games from home

The King of Arcade is made using quality materials with an ultra-slim metal base and acrylic top to ensure durability and appeal. The cycling colour LED strip lights up the acrylic arrows for that arcade feel.

Whether you're using one console or two we supply all the required cables. You'll easily connect to your HD TV, projector or monitor of choice by using the supplied HDMI or VGA cables and be playing in no time.

We only sell the latest and best retro arcade models. Electro Arcade puts in the effort to make sure that our units are attractive, compact, efficient, competitively priced and work well. To ensure a hassle-free experience all units are individually tested locally before being shipped.

Consoles summary

With faster hardware, this 3D model comes loaded with all the features and grunt to play and handle the included 10,000+ titles and an estimated 160 3D games. The software has been updated along with the games card from 64GB to 128GB to handle bigger and more games from the Games store.

The King runs Smoother and faster and quieter ensuring maximum fun. We use the A9 S812-WJ-025 which is the newest version of the fastest Pandora box on the market.

Our units also come patched and run smoother than from the factory along with unlocking more features -including aspect ratio which corrects widescreen image stretching, resulting in a truer arcade experience.

For a more detailed comparison visit our pandora's box arcade console review.

What's in the box

1 x Single deck with 2 Player controls
1 x Power cable
1 x HDMI cable
1 x 2.0 USB cable
Spare buttons

Console details

Type: EX2 10,000 Wifi
12-core ARM cortex A9, 4 core CPU+8 core GPU 2.0GHz; GPU Mali 450MP8 @600MHZ
Software functions:
Sort list by console, recent, favourite, search by name.
In-game pause, exit along with save/load for some games
Titles and formats supported:
Pre-Installed EX2 8000 games including 160 games with 3D effect. Supports CP1, CP2, Dreamcast, GB, GBC, GBA, Mame, MD, NeoGeo, SFC format games
Memory: 1GB DDR3 with upgraded 128GB games card
USB: 3x USB ports for external games and game-pad support dependent on device type and compatibility
Controls: 1 joystick, 6 player buttons, coin and start button console per player (x2)
RGB LED strip cycles and lights up the front of the panel with an independent on/off switch
Games store: Yes included
Audio Volume dial at rear. Has an internal speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Turn off the speaker option in the menu
full metal solid case
Size (cm) :
Steel Case: 76cm length x 25cm wide x 3.5cm height
Package Weight:

The boring stuff

- Due to the light and screen differences, the colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures. 
- Please allow up to 1cm size difference due to manual measurement.
- Buttons and controller finish may vary depending on the model and colour.
- Games you may have or source vary in many ways. As such we cannot guarantee specific games you wish to import will work.


We use a combination of couriers and Australia Post to send products quickly and safely. This usually takes between 1-3 days in Australia depending on the distance from our HQ in Melbourne's South East.

The MiniBeast ships safely in a wooden box within Australia only by express courier.

International shipping is offered for select products and destinations.

Price ranges from free shipping to over $100 depending on country and location.

For example 6 days to New Zealand vs 2 weeks to America.

For an exact price please add the desired product(s) to your cart and use our "Cart & Shipping estimator" on the basket page.

Electro Arcade takes customer service seriously, we obide by consumer laws providing local warranty and support. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best product at a good price and that it works straight out of the box.

We test every console prior to shipping it out from our Melbourne HQ in order to ensure your purchase arrives in good working order.

Should you experience any issues with our products or the service provided, please get in contact with us. We will take care of this together ensuring a happy outcome.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Excellent customer service, great arcade. Had an issue with the device not turning up, electro arcade replaced the device no questions asked. Fair play to them, most wouldn't do that right.

Rus Syfargo

The King of Retro Arcade game consoles - STEEL XL DECK - 10000 titles

Mark Rudis
The Best

None better. Stand behind everything. Responsive and always willing to answer any questions. Honest and fair pricing. If you’re outside of Australia, order from them anyway . You will be left with no regrets!

Lee F
Stop searching. Buy this now!

I knew that this would be good but I had no idea just how good!

I'd been looking at various products; everything from an Arcade1Up cabinet to the Capcom Home Arcade, however when I came across ElectroArcade and their offering it became a no brainer!

The system itself is stunning. Well put together, weighty, great ergonomics and design (I purchased the version with the StreetFighter artwork) and upgraded the joysticks and the whole thing plays like a dream.

The 10,000+ games represent the best of old skool gaming, and whilst the interface is a little clunky at first, once you master the search functionality it's a breeze.

My advice? Don't think twice.

Great Fun! - addictive

Set up was easy.
Endless games to choose from!
After some searching on the electroarcade site I found out how to bring up the menu and get into the online store for more games! Connecting to the wifi was simple too. Looking forward to downloading some more games, the team are so helpful and will offer information and advice.

Best Christmas/Early Birthday present to me and family ever.
Looking forward to future game nights on this.