PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 - EX2 10000 in 1 games board - Easy upgrade for PB9 Game on Friends
PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 - EX2 10000 in 1 games board - Easy upgrade for PB9 Game on Friends
PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 - EX2 10000 in 1 games board - Easy upgrade for PB9 Game on Friends
PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 - EX2 10000 in 1 games board - Easy upgrade for PB9 Game on Friends
PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 - EX2 10000 in 1 games board - Easy upgrade for PB9 Game on Friends

PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 - EX2 10000 in 1 games board - Easy upgrade for PB9 Game on Friends

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Choose from the two leading Pandora Box gameboards. 

If you're looking to upgrade your Game on Friends console GT4274 or PB9 then look no further. You can take your game console from Sheep to Wolf.

Our single-board plug-and-play 3D+ upgrade will turn your entry-level slow games machine into one of the fastest gaming consoles with 8k of games.

If you're just looking for a standalone board you can plug into your TV via HDMI or VGA along with gamepads, or an upgrade to your arcade machine? then the EX2 has you covered. 2 USB ports for controllers, 1 for use to control your PC or PS3 and a built-in power switch.

Both GB3000 and EX2 boards use the same s812 chipset as our King consoles. The king console uses the EX2 which is a dual board - we think it's superior, however, the GB3000 3D+ uses a single board which is a perfect fit for upgrading your Game on Friends or PB9 retro gaming console.

The GB3000 3D+ board is the best direct swap you can get for a Pandora's box 9 or Game on Friends console. It brings a very big increase in titles and performance. All plugs and connections are located in the exact same spot, which is critical as they need to line up with the rear of the case. All you need to do is unscrew, unplug then slide in the new gameboard, 4 screws and 3 plugs and the new board is secure and done. Screw the base plate back on and your upgrade is done. Now plug your HDMI and power cable back in and you're up and playing. 

This board is actually better, faster and more reliable than its newer version, proving in the Pandora world newer is not always better. 

Easy as that but now instead of 1660, you have 8,000 in 1 games, a search function, a games store and a much much faster and more capable gaming machine.

In addition to the Arcade games you also get 3D games which are higher resolution console games like Playstation, Dreamcast and N64 to name a few.

Either of these boards can be used to run your existing arcade machine via a 48-pin loom or our JAMMA converter cable. 

Why you can also use either as a standalone. Yes using a power cable, HDMI cable and 2 of our gamepads you can be playing arcade classics in no time.

Having researched and tested many units, we only sell the latest and most reliable retro arcade models and accessories.

Easily connect to your display of choice by using the HDMI or VGA port.


Standard Pandora family 40PIN connection diagram


Player 1 Player 2
  A20 B20    
  A19 B19  
GND A18 B18 GND Black
Coin A17 B17 Pause Yellow
1P Start A16 B16 2P Start Red
Joystick Up A15 B15 Joystick Up Yellow 
Joystick Down A14 B14 Joystick Down Orange
Joystick Left A13 B13 Joystick Left Red
Joystick Right A12 B12 Joystick Right Brown
Button A A11 B11 Button A Pink
Button B A10 B10 Button B White
Button C A9 B9 Button C Grey
Button D A8 B8 Button D Purple
Button E A7 B7 Button E Blue
Button F A6 B6 Button F Green
  A5 B5    
  A4 B4    
  A3 B3    
  A2 B2    
  A1 B1    


* Cable colours are for reference only and can vary per loom depending on manufacturer/supplier and application.


3D Plus board details

Type: 3D Plus upgraded WiFi model - 8000 games
12-core ARM cortex A9, 4 core CPU+8 core GPU 2.0GHz; GPU Mali 450MP8 @600MHZ
Software functions:
Sort list by type, recent, favourite, search by name(single word).
In-game pause with save, load, exit depending on console
Titles and formats supported:
Pre-Installed 8,000/ 10,000 titles
Can connect to your WiFi in order to access inbult GameStore
Memory: 2GB DDR3
3D+ Micro SD Card: 64GB
EX2 Micro SD Card: 128GB
USB: USB ports for external games and game-pad support dependent on device type and compatibility
3D+ USB: 2x USB ports, 1 for external gamepad/controller, 1 for PC/PS3. USB Hub required for 2 external controllers
EX2 USB: 3x USB ports. 2 for external gamepad/controller, 1 for PC/PS3
Controls: Supports 2 players - up to 4 with external controllers
Add games:
Import via USB
Audio Volume dial at the rear with 3.5mm headphone jack.
Plastic Case
Size  (cm) :
Top: 31cm length x 22cm wide x .5cm thick
Base: 26.5cm length x 14.5cm wide x 5.5cm height
Package weight:


What's in the box

1 x s812 Pandora box of your choice
1 x Plastic case

The boring stuff

- Due to the light and screen differences, the colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures.
- Please allow up-to 1cm size difference due to manual measurement.
- Buttons and controller finish may vary depending on the model and colour.

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Norm B
Pandora's Box EX2

These games boards are top end and bulletproof. Used 2 of them for 2 separate restorations recently and they are easy to setup, use and extremely versatile. Love the fact you can hide certain games and set it up as a coin operated classic arcade machine for customers that prefer that option. You won't find a better model.

Sharon Tana

PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 - EX2 10000 in 1 games board - Easy upgrade for PB9 Game on Friends

Excellent easy upgrade.

Better off buying off these guys and know exactly what your getting excellent upgrade to the arcade machine (vewlix) than the lower spec Alpha Fight pandora box that was installed super fast delivery also like the personal touches that electroarcade added to the box excellent.

Robin Bugden
Great upgrade for the Game on Friends console

Pros: Everything is faster and has a lot more storage. Obviously a heap more games and supported platforms. Cons: Documentation seems scarce and you need a little knowledge to be able to install your own games and add emulators to it etc.

PB 3D plus 8000 in 1 WiFi games board

Just brilliant, works perfectly .. many thanks