Xbox style USB Gamepad controller
Xbox style USB Gamepad controller
Xbox style USB Gamepad controller
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Xbox style USB Gamepad controller

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These premium Xbox style gamepads/ controllers work with Android, PC and our King of Arcade Pandora Boxes

Finally a quality controller thats compatible with not only Pandora boxes, but a heap of other consoles as well.

The Xbox style controllers come in black or white and are wired USB, so no lag or connectivity issues. These really are enjoyable to use and in many cases gameplay is actually much more enjoyable than the fightsticks.

Unlike other controllers we have tried from DPad to Joysticks and buttons, these feel nice and work really well without the cheep feel when holding or playing.

While console-dependent we have found that both the left DPad and Joystick work with more consoles and games reducing cases where it's only DPad.

Here's an insight into console compatibility with the EX2 gameboard

Dpad & Joypad

  • Dreamcast - DC
  • Playstation Portable - PSP
  • Final Burn Alpha - FBA42
  • Arcade - Mame
  • Game Boy Advance - GBA
  • Game Boy Color - GBC
  • Famicom Computer System - FC
  • Super Famicom (Japanese version of SNES) - SFC
  • Mega Drive - MD
  • PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) - PCE

Dpad Only

  • Playstation 1 - PSX
  • Nintendo 64 - N64

Tried PS2, PS3 and/or Xbox controllers on your Pandoras box arcade with no luck? look no further. A premium feeling gamepad thats compatible and doesnt cost the earth. 

These are sold as single units.

While versions can vary over time, these game controllers and hub have been successfully tested on the following Pandora's arcade boxes with respective CPUs;

  • Pandora's box 11s (A7)
  • Pandora's box 12s Saga (H3)
  • Pandora's box 18s Saga(A9)
  • Pandora's box EX2(A9)
  • Pandora's box PB 9
  • Austar GB2000 Game on Friends
  • Austar GB3000 3D+
These will definitely bring a different element of game play to your console experience along with ability to go P3-P4

If using on a Pandora's box usually only 1 USB port will be allocated for Gamepads/ Controllers. So if you want to use two, you will need a comaptible USB hub.
This is not the case with the latest version of EX2 as it has 3 USB ports.

When you buy 2 of these in our 'Royal 4 player bundle' you will receive the compatible 3 port USB hub free, so you've always got an extra port up your sleeve.


  • Cable length: 1.6metres
  • Gamepad: 15cm length x 11cm width x 6.5cm height
  • Box: 16.6cm length x 19.5cm width x 6.3cm height
  • USB hub: 7cm length x 3.5cm width x 1cm height

What's in the box

1 x USB wired Gamepad controllers
1 x Retail packaging

Retail packaging may be removed when shipping with other products including fight sticks.

When purchased in a bundle the packaging may be removed for shipping purposes.

The boring stuff

- While we have tested this setup on our 11,12s & 18s consoles, with the vast variations of pandora boxes out there along with rebranded consoles, please keep in mind we cannot give you an absolute guarantee that these will be 100% compatible with your existing setup.
- Due to the light and screen differences, the colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures.
- Please allow up to 1cm size difference due to manual measurement.
- Console in the picture is for reference only and not included.

Customer Reviews

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good controller

It doesn't feel cheap and buttons are very responsive when playing.