The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit
The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit
The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit
The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit
The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit
The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit
The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit

The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter upright pedestal machine kit

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The ultimate in-home shooting and arcade gaming machine that's versatile and oozes retro gaming appeal. You're going to love it.

V2 of our Arcade Shooter is now in.
The front and top of the deck have been revised for a smoother look, with an external HDMI port added to the rear for easier connection. 

Enjoy the full Arcade experience from home with the ability to easily transport or pack away in a cupboard when done.

Go with 1,2, 3 or all out with 4 players or pull out the light guns and go head-to-head enjoying a wide range of shooting classics including Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, Point Blank, The House of the Dead and much more. It's sure to provide hours of fun for players of all ages and skill levels and take your gaming experience to the extreme. 

You will receive everything you need to plug and play - minus the TV :-)

The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter comes in 2 forms

  1. Ready to play Pedestal Machine
  2. DIY PC/Light Gun Kit

Introducing the ultimate Arcade+ light gun game pedestal machine - the perfect addition to any gamer's collection. With a range of classic arcade and light gun titles and new tech, this machine offers an unparalleled in-home gaming experience.

The Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter DIY kit can be built into your own arcade machine, cabinet or stand. You can even set it up as a standalone unit providing you with a versatile cost-effective light gun console.

Featuring a full-size 4-player panel and arcade controls along with a 3" LED trackball for old-school titles including Arkanoid. With the upgraded recoil light guns, players can immerse themselves in the fast-paced action of shoot 'em ups.

The collection includes popular gun titles like Time Crisis and House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, and Point Blank. Let's not forget the classic arcade titles like Bubble Bobble, Galaxian, Elevator Action, PacMan and the well know Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter titles that are sure to impress even the most seasoned arcade-goer. 

While there are more expensive Gun4IR and Sinden light guns sold individually on the market, the ultimate arcade+ shooter pedestal machine comes with everything you need ready to play - minus the TV of course.

Being a Bring-Your-Own TV/Screen setup you get a portable home-friendly arcade shooter setup that can be used where and with whatever flatscreen you chose be it existing or new.

Our Arcade+ Shooter comes in substantially cheaper than equivalent bulky arcade cabinets, saving you some serious coin you can pocket or spend on a big-screen TV that can be used for more than just gaming.

While we like the extremely big arcade gaming cabinets, they lack in-home practicality, take up too much space and are difficult to move. The ultimate Arcade+ light gun game pedestal machine can be moved around the house and stored with ease. With a little care, can also be taken to friends for a fun night of arcade classics and shoot-em-up action.

The infrared IR Motion Sensor Bar will work on regular screens up to the bigger 80"+ TVs and you can change to a different room/screen size with a simple 3-step point-n-shoot calibration. These features allow for even greater precision and accuracy, making it feel like you're truly in the game. Powered by USB the bar is mounted on top of the screen and can be powered by the TV's USB port or phone-type charger.

With its sleek yet portable design and high-quality components, the ultimate arcade+ shooter pedestal machine is built to last and is a perfect addition to any game room or entertainment space. Not to mention due to its portability over a full-size arcade cabinet can be moved and stored turning any space with a TV into an instant arcade room. 

Whether you're a serious gamer or just looking for a fun way to pass the time with family and friends, this machine is sure to provide hours of entertainment at home, in the mancave or even at work.

This large upright top stands at 95cm, targeting stand-up or pedestal sit-down play. If your TV is wall-hung, this machine creates the ultimate arcade experience, without the need for a large or dedicated space. While the top and base can be detached with ease, the solid 49kilos construction and double-panel base ensure the pedestal won't wobble, flex or move around during gameplay - within reason of course! When finished playing it can be moved into a corner or stored in a cupboard waiting for its next adventure.

With inbuilt quality speakers an amplifier and HDMI out, via Windows, you can choose whether audio comes from your TV or the arcade pedestal.

The arcade-quality joysticks and buttons along with all components are modular providing easier serviceability along with greater longevity. The deck comes in two button options black or white. 

As expected our range of gaming consoles delivers amazing gameplay without breaking the bank. Whether it's Space Invaders, Galaga, Ridge Racer or Mario Kart 64 this unit does it with ease. The PC will outpace a Pandoras box in speed, accessory compatibility and gameplay, delivering a better gaming experience.

The chequered steel base plates offer increased protection while adding to the arcade shooter element. The simple black finish delivers broad appeal ensuring a nice touch that looks clean and sharp.

With joysticks, buttons, light guns and trackball all up to the challenge along with all required cables to get you up and running in no time, this in-home arcade shooter console will bring back memories and deliver endless hours of fun for the whole family!

What's in the Ready to play Pedestal box

1 x top control panel
1 x pedestal tower
1 x base plate
2 x recoil light guns
2 x gun holsters
1 x Infrared receiver
1 x trackball
4 x player setup
1 x HDMI cable
Spare buttons
The top, tower and base are pre-assembled but need to be connected.

What's in the DIY PC/Light Gun Kit

2 x recoil light guns
1 x PC with 256GB HD
1 x Infrared receiver
1 x decoder
2 x looms
1 x USB cable
2 x AU power packs and cables
Ready to be wired up to your desired cabinet

Console details

Type: Arcade+ light gun Alpha Shooter pedestal hardware
Intel N5095
Software functions:
Sort list by type, recent, favourite, search by name.
In-game pause, save, load, exit
Consoles/ titles: Atomiswave, FBA, GB, GBC, GBA, Dreamcast, Mame, MegaDrive, Naomi, N64, NES, SNES, PC Engine, PlayStation. 7500+ titles
Interface: VGA/HDMI
Memory: 4GB DDR4
Storage: 256GB drive
USB: 6x USB ports
Controls: 4 joystick, 8 player buttons for P1 & P2, 4 player buttons for P3 & P4. 1x start button per player, 1 x 3" LED trackball
Windows shutdown:
Single button safe shutdown
Audio: HDMI out / Upgraded speakers and amplifier with on/off, treble, and bass controls
Size (cm) :

Top length: 95cm wide * 39cm deep
Base length: 60cm wide * 60cm deep
Total height: 95cm

Package Weight:
Top: 16Kilos
Pedestal/base: 33Kilos
Not included / BYO

The boring stuff

- Due to the light and screen differences, the colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures.
- Please allow up to 1cm size difference due to manual measurement.
- Buttons and controller finish may vary depending on the model and colour. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Arcade and light gun shooter

Very happy with my machine, with something like 7500 games with many old favourites like Mario 64, virtual cop and time crisis hrs and hrs of fun

Heaps of fun!

Bought the The Arcade+ light gun Shooter upright pedestal machine kit from Paul at Electro Arcade. The entire experience was excellent, was great to deal with via communication with prompt responses and was super accommodating helping with changes to delivery details. The build quality is top notch, from the finish externally to the neatness of cabling inside the machine itself, quality craftsmanship ! The after sales service is great as well with Paul promptly replying to queries and happy to help with any questions about setup. Highly recommended, will continue to shop there in future !

Michael R
Great piece of kit!

Runs really well, solid construction and a great design. Highly recommended, my only gripe was the Chinese only manual. Would have been great to have an English version but I found the answers to my questions in any case. Worth the money to enjoy so many old memories perfectly.